Who We Are


Aldrian Dheen M. Magnaye

“But there will always be ups and downs in life that we cannot avoid but we can do something to survive it. We can do something to help people. We can serve people without being recognized by many. We can help by heart. I think that is the meaning of what we as ‘called to serve'”





Diane Pearl I. Muyargas

“(Being in the community) made me realize that I am lucky on where I am now. Maybe it is quite cliche but I realized I complain almost every day about little things and there are people who struggle in life and don’t seem to care about the little stuff.”





Jacky Mariel G. Selisana

“The last thing I saw in the Ateneo Campus before leaving for Mahayag is the one-liner ‘The Ateneo Way’ written in one of the tarpaulins posted near the portal of ADZU. Apparently, this is the Ateneo way of teaching. They let us, students, learn from the ingenuity and certainty of every exprience we have. We practice in the community, we learn from reality, and we study the things that really matter. The Ateneo Way is shaping the future of medicine in a different way; the right way”




Jemar T. Jamolod

“The community may not have given us knowledge but they gave us values. They taught us how to give importance to the little and simple things in life. Our experience in the community opened our eyes, hearts and minds to the realities of life and made me realized that you don’t need a lot of material things to be able to live well and with dignity.”




Heralyn Mae R. Turco

“It felt so transforming since it’s a very different life from what we had in the city… The most important thing was to survive and to enjoy the stay just like what most of the doctors would say. It was indeed, a fun-filled experience.”





Putri Zainab Ummissalaam Nur-Nasrin R. Dianalan

“Compared to our first few days when we were adjusting and we thought we would take the first chance at getting transferred, I realized that the problems that we had during the first few weeks had achievable¬†solutions and we would like to stay and see how we can be of help to Marababon.”





Shek Har M. Abdulshatal






Mohammad Ameer Azeed S. Jamalul




Together, we are a group of passionate and highly energetic medical students on our way to becoming socially accountable physicians guided by the vision and mission of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. We are working to become not just medical practitioners but also health advocates working towards achieving the global goal of health-for-all.