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In the middle of the years 1940 and 1941, there were two Subanens named Bangan Lacasidao and Dandi Bantaon, who went to the area and decided to start clearing the wide tract of forest. They were then followed by some Subanen people, who helped cultivate and develop the area.

However, by the year 1942, a Visayan named Entong Magdadaro arrived at the place and later on became the head or chieftain of the People. They then agreed to create this area into a barrio and called it Balana comprising of 3 creeks (Gocob, Pidsalayan and Diolin) and 2 rivers (Balanan and Panaga-an).

In 1943, Mr. Entong Magdadaro and 2 Subanen leaders went to the Municipality of Aurora urging the Local Executive Officer to register Barangay Balanan as an official Barangay under the Jurisdiction, Supervision and Control of the said municipality. It was then approved and Mr. Magdadaro was appointed as the “Tinyente del Barrio”.

In 1946, there was an election for Tinyente del barrio and Mr. Flaviano Mamalias was declared winner together with his 6 barrio Councilman.

During his term, they were able to build a school building and a chapel made of hard wood. They also introduced the planting of abaca, coconuts, fruit trees and other products that can be sold in the market.

Few years later, due to his physical condition, he was replaced by Ariston Muñoz as the new Tinyente del Barrio. Some developments were made including the transfer of Barrio Balanan’s supervision and control from Municipality of Aurora to the Municipality of Molave.

In 1950, because of his sudden death, Mr. Reto Mamalias was installed as Officer in Charge (OIC) until the Election Day in 1952 where Mr. Dionesio Baguio was declared as the new Tinyente with his 6 councilman.

In 1962, there was an election, and Mr. Silvestre Marababon won over margin of votes together with his 6 councilman. During his term they were able to build the Barangay Hall, Health Center, Bagong Lipunan School Building, H.E building and were able to transfer the Municipal Responsibilty from Molave to Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur. As the barangay progresses, more and more people came to the area and lived there.

Years later, because of the fast growing and developments in the barangay, the Local government Unit of Mahayag headed by Hon. Mayor Josue Campomanes urged the Barangay officials and the people that the barangay be sliced into two. Dalaguete, which is a part of Barangay Balanan, was separated from its origin and make it as an independent Barangay as Barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete, and Barangay Balanan.

In 1972, when Martial Law was declared, there were no elections until 1982 when Brgy. Captain Silvestre Marababon was assassinated by an unidentified armed group. Mr. Buenaventura Lopez took his position as OIC/ Temporary Barangay Captain.

In 1985, Barangay Captain Buenaventura Lopez resigned from his position and was replaced by Mr. Vicente Rama. He served the barangay for quite some time until 1998 when he tendered his resignation and Barangay Kagawad Constantino Banquiao Sr. took over.

During his term of office for 9 years, he was able to implement the peace and order in the area; the construction of the Barangay Office and the revocation of the name Barangay Balanan into Marabanan, which is a combination of Balanan and Marababon, to give honor and respect to the heroic leadership of the late Brgy. Capt. Silvestre Marababon.

In 2007, an election was conducted and Mr. Celso Marababon Sr. won as the barangay Captain together with 7 Sanguniang Pambarangay and 1 Sangunian Kabataan Chairman.

Due to some doubts and confusion of the people and other National/Local Offices and visitors regarding the status name of the Barangay, a public hearing was conducted last October 31, 2009 and the residents unanimously agreed to change the name of Barangay Balanan/Marabanan to barangay Marababon in due respect of the late Barangay captain Silvestre Marababon.

Last August 16, 2011, the Barangay council passed a resolution, adopted by acclamation and approved by the Punong Barangay Celso Marababon Sr., requesting for change of name Sanguniang Bayan of Mahayag and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

To date, many developments were made by the present administration headed by Hon. Capt. Celso Marababon Sr. including the construction of dirty kitchen, Barangay Office repair, road rehab, construction of school building, Freedom Stage, concrete fences and continuous implementation of peace and order and many livelihood programs implemented.