Community Profile

Population (2015) 607
Number of Households 141
Total Land Area 416.21 ha
Population Density 1.46/sqm


Population of Specialized Groups

Pregnant Women 5
Children below 1 y/o 21
Children 5 y/o and below 71
Senior Citizen 46
Persons with disabilities 9

Socio-Cultural Profile

               Majority of the residents in Barangay Balanan are Roman Catholics which is 90% of the households. Five percent (5%) are Born Again and 5% belongs to other religion. Bisaya is the majority ethnicity in the Barangay which is composed of 90% of the population and the remaining 10% are Subanen.

Local Social Services

            The primary water source of the Barangay is the “tabay” or a shallow well near the stream. Most of the residents use it as their water source for everyday consumption as well as drinking water. Every Tuesday of the week, there is a delivery of commercial mineral water from the Poblacion that is sold at Php30.00 per container. Their primary and only source of electrical energy is the one distributed by Zamboanga del Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc. Law enforcement is headed by the Local Government Unit in the Barangay as mediated by the Barangay Tanods. There are no major transportation services in the Barangay but there are “habal-habal”, private motorcycles used as a primary transportation service from the Barangay to any point in the municipality and nearby municipalities and vice versa. Aside from having compost pits in their own backyards, their method of waste disposal is through a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) segregated in the Municipal Solid Waste Management Office (MSWMO). Health Services present are the Barangay Health Workers (BHW), Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS), Rural Health Midwife (RHM), and the Health Center but the Health Center building is under construction and needed major repairs before becoming functional again. They are using the barangay hall as their temporary health center instead every time the RHM is visiting the Barangay for health services.


            The Barangay has one (1) Day Care Center run by appointed day care worker, Mrs. Gina Pepito. Balanan Elementary School is located in Purok 3. Secondary and tertiary schools are located in the Poblacion of Mahayag which will take 15-20 minutes ride from Barangay Balanan.