Our Goal

AHON is Filipino word meaning to rise up, ascend, elevate.

AHON, MARABABON! is a medical student group project to aid the local community of Barangay Marababon in achieving the World Health Organization’s ideal for Healthy Villages.

To be able to accomplish this, we believe that our health-promoting activites should be directed ONWARD, FORWARD, and UPWARD.

ONWARD in initiating multi-sectoral collaboration by producing high-quality data. Generating an awareness of the barangay’s status quo on a larger scale would prompt a conversation among local stakeholders towards development of the different social services and health care facilities in Marababon.

FORWARD in engaging the community as an important part of the health care system, to enable the residents of Marababon to actively participate in health promotion and interventions.

UPWARD in attaining health goals and maintaining health indices as part of social and economic development. In the long run, we envision a Marababon that rises to the challenges in health care and acts upon their health problems as part of achieving progress.